2012 Gaskins Designs
Guitar. Nate Smith has been playing guitar and performing since a young age. Originally from the heavy rock mecca of Western Massachusetts, he took another route and became steeped the blues, R&B, and soul. Moving to Florida with the U.S. Navy in 2000 proved to be a monumental shift in his musical preferences. Nate fully embraced country music and southern rock. A well rounded player, his style blends blues, soul, southern rock, and country music, in a unique, understated, and elegant approach. He has performed with several popular acts in the Tampa Bay area. Nate has extensive experience in the local club scene as well as having performed at several major festivals and events, including the 19th annual Charlie-Palooza in 2009, the 2010 Florida Strawberry Festival and regular engagements at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino with past musical partners. He is currently pursuing a Marketing degree from the University of South Florida. Nate prefers Fender guitars and amps.
Drums.  Matt was born and raised in Seminole Florida.  He started his musical journey at the age of 5 when he showed interest in the piano.  Not long after, Matt began exploring other instruments such as the guitar, saxophone, and drums.  He has played in bands of multiple genres from Metal, Funk, Rock, to R&B.  Along with The Groove, Matt currently plays with original band
Gates Of Eden and The Hip Abduction from Tampa Florida.     
Miles Hanson started on his musical journey by listening to his father, who played saxophone and flute in a variety of groups.  Listening to him, the music he enjoyed and the musicians he played with no doubt left a lasting impression on Miles and would chart his course for the future.
Although he started off his performing life playing clarinet, Miles quickly changed gears when it came time to play with his friends.  He realized that in all the music he heard, he was always drawn to the bass parts and could pick them up very quickly by ear.  Learning to read music in school gave him a good balance of “eye vs ear”.  Being a music major in college helped broaden his views and sharpen his natural gifts.
Since then, Miles has been blessed to play in many musical situations, ranging from beach bars and up-scale night clubs to outdoor festivals, churches and recording studios.  His openness to all musical genres has lead him to play a variety of styles, from reggae, jazz and funk to rock, blues and pop.  No matter what the situation, he always acts professionally (on time, homework, courteous) serves the music (know what to play and what NOT to play) and enjoys the moment.
Today he spends his days as a husband, father and music teacher and his nights as a bassist.  This gives Miles the opportunity to share his love of all kinds of music with the next generation as well as continue to perform at a high level.

Vocals. After an extensive career in high school dramatic arts, Tori went on to pursue her BA in Theatre at the University of South Florida, where she performed major roles in both musical and non-musical productions. Her strong acting ability has always served as a pillar of strength in her pursuits of vocal performance. She comes from a humble background that has provided a common description from fans, as being “the girl next door”. Born to a once, Minor League ball player, and a former NFL cheerleader, Tori grew up in a household that actively supported the idea of following a dream. After enrolling some close friends in an effort to promote her music, Tori has amassed a Facebook following of over a thousand fans without producing a single record. Her YouTube video views exceed 60,000 worldwide and her comments and feedback are overwhelmingly positive. Vocally, she has been compared to Colbie Callait, Pink, and Adele. Her voice has been described, by various listeners, as pure, strong, versatile, and even soulful at times. Many agree her best characteristic is the ability to transcend the video or song and connect with her audience.